what to wear

What should you or your kids wear to a photo session?


My answer to you: 

Whatever you want. Seriously. Whatever you feel most comfortable in. Your photos represent you and your lifestyle. So wear something that makes you smile. My only suggestions for a parent is to make sure the outfits blend (clean lines & classic shapes photograph the best) We can talk more about that when we have our initial phone consultation.


My answer to babies or children:

FUN. Simple as that. Bring clothes that will make them SMILE.

Dressing them in FUN clothes that don't restrict them will bring out their loving, overflowing personalities. You want your baby or children to shine in your photos and typically putting them in clothes that make them uncomfortable will show.

With girls why not have fun with ruffles, ribbons or maybe a tutu? For boys instead of sneakers, maybe some cowboy boots, rain boots or converse sneakers?

And hats!!

Kids + Hats = MAGIC

Bring a couple of changes to clothing too. We can have fun swapping out of outfits!

Just remember to be true to you and your personality!