what is a session?

Portrait Session:

Each session generally last 1-2 hours. I want you, your children, your dog, etc to feel relaxed and not pressured! If the kids (or you) need a snack or a drink do it. 

I strive to capture a moment or mood that is pure and real, allowing true personalities to shine through. I like to think I put a unique twist on the traditional portrait. I don ‘t want you to stress about any of it, so if you leave it to me, we will have a great day. As I like to say, you can leave your parent cap at the door because you won’t have to direct your little ones to smile. It is also not uncommon to just take your little one hand and try getting some one on one time with them. And I will usually do some pretty crazy things to get them to smile (like putting a shoe on my head!)

I will do very little traditional posing; I rely on the interaction of how people naturally feel comfortable sitting or standing. I may ask you to tilt your head, or ask your little one to put his/her hands behind their back, etc. but the 98% of the time I am not telling you how to pose.

Your photography session can take place at a number of locations. If I come to your home, I will ask you for a tour when I first get there. What I am doing is scoping out the best place with the “yummiest” light. I have been knowing to move furniture to get the best lighting, but I promise to put everything back when I leave!! Also, if there is anything you would want in the photos, please let me know, I love to incorporate meaningful belongings into portraits. 

Other popular choices include local parks or beaches. The possibilities are endless!! What's most important is that you and your child are comfortable in order for true personalities to shine through.

All I ask is that if we are meeting at a location, or I am coming to your home, to please only have the people being photographed at the home. Also, if you could have everyone is dressed and ready to go for the session before I arrive. Children are more likely to become grouchy if they are fussed with too much before the session. It will make for a more relaxed environment.


Newborn session:

Newborns are at their squishy best (as I like to call it) when they are about five-ten days old. They are still super bendy and super sleepy. The sleepier the newborn the better!!

I will come to your home so that you don’t have to leave the comforts of your house. However, if you like, you are welcomed at my home where I will have the session all ready to go when you arrive.

A newborn session takes about 2 - 3 hours, sometimes less if the baby is a good sleeper. I will provide the blankets, backdrops, hats, flowers/headbands and other accessories for newborns. Having said that, please feel free to bring props or blankets you would want for the photographs.

Bringing a bunch of outfits is not necessary (as most of my newborn work is photographing them in only their diaper); unless of course, you have a special outfit you want them

photographed in. And please don’t worry about “accidents” on my stuff because everything I use is washed before and after every session.

If the baby needs to eat while I am there, I will wait for you to feed them a bottle or to breastfeed. If the baby won’t fall asleep right away I will take pictures of them laying on your shoulder, with Mommy, Daddy (or siblings) and any other cute shots! I completely understand that newborns have no schedule, so however long it takes to make them feel happy and sleepy is part of my job.